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Smart Home
Like Never Before

With Digilux Organize and Schedule your Home appliances with time
Orchestrate all the appliances at your home to the time that you decide, Digilux automation helps you operate appliances automatically with the use of digilux timers that guarantee a round the clock operation and precise triggering at the time of the day or night that you schedule
Lighting that offers flavors in intensity based on your mood
Our Lighting options have a comprehensive collections of intensity that can be changed automatically with the use of Digilux Automation to control Light intensity. We offer an apt automation solution that caters to your mood and exhibits the Lighting that you wish to illuminate your room and of course your modality
Control your Curtains seamlessly with Digilux Touch Panel & App
Digilux Automated curtains are meant to save you from the discomfort of having to block the outside or inside view from the outside world. We provide curtain control by the use of motorized curtains that can be controlled with your mobile apps. Interestingly thee curtains can also be controlled using Voice recognition.
Digilux hears your command and commits to completion
With Automated solutions that understand human commands that are specific to the operation of an appliance, we bring to you a whole new experience that lifts your feeling of life to a dimension that is truly from the fairy tale of the yesteryear
Secure every corner with Digilux and protect your loved ones
Security has been the prime concern of every dwelling, Digilux offers a multitude collection of Home security options that are robust and comprehensive to their purpose. With Live Video feed around, there is a not a slightest doubt in having a worry free sleep while Digilux guards your safety
Climate Control
Make your home the way you want with your control
Climate Control
Allowing the appliances in your premise to be controlled using a mobile application is a service ahead of the present league of innovations. Digilux provides a wide range of home automation app features that easily accepts your commands and changes the environment at home, the way you want the way the climate wants
Comfort with easy integrated app that controls all your media
Entertainment is a necessity for the stressed minds, controlling it always is a task that may not always be a hand away, We at Digilux facilitate your controls of the media devices at homes with our advanced mobile application that is meant to provide comfort with easy integrated app that controls more than many home appliances
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“I started out with a basic automation system and have found it quite convenient and simple to use. I am looking forward to automating other areas of the house and having the control at my fingertips.”

Mayank Kala

Business Man

“I am using Digilux automation since two year, I am very happy with their service & It is very easy to operate & convinient for me and my family members.”

Rohan Hatankar

Ziva Art Design

“Very impressed with their product. After sales service is really good.”

Ankit Godwani

Business Man
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