Touch Switch Console

Digilux Crystal glass portfolio offers its comprehensive designs of Keypads that make up for a worthy ingredient to your Controlling needs of modernity, comfort and elegance. Aesthetically designed and powered to control appliances with a gentle touch equipped with a stunning OLED display & LED backlit. It provides a centralized menu driven access to control appliances across home. Their stylish designs and creative textures will beautify your walls at every corner of its installation.

Switching and dimming in one touch creates the perfect mood lighting for each of your occasions. The all-in-one unit gives control over your fans, curtains among others. Create the perfect evening for your loved once everyday.


  • Crystal glass fascia with backlit icons.
  • Capacitive touch for precise switching action.
  • Wireless Zigbee with mesh technology.
  • Onboard customization for mood lighting and ease of control.
  • Last status memory recall.
  • Surge protection and wide voltage range.
  • Multiplexed keypad for extended functionalities onboard.

One To Suit Every Wall

Choose from a select range of fascia that's elegants & vibrant.

Network Controller

Network controller embedded with artificial intelligence powers the whole network to provide a centralized control system, they are meant to understand and decipher signals from various appliances distinctively. Digilux manufactures network controllers that are designed with comprehensive adaptability to all variants of network enabled devices. Their integration with other systems drives the capability in a controlled manner and enables further user flexibility. Network controllers are available for wired and wireless technologies.

Remote Controllers

Remote controls have undoubtedly become an irreplaceable part of the automated world. Digilux provides a wide variety of remote controllers that are ahead of their contemporaries. Along with IR and RF Remotes, Wi-Fi adapters to provide comfortable and flexible control of your environment through ipads, iphones and other mobile phones belonging to the Androids & IOS Family. GSM options further heighten the reach of your controls from far off places.


  • Multiple Room Control
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Scene Selection
  • Status Display

Digilux Gateway

Digilux gateway is embedded with artificial intelligence providing a centralized control base, meant to understandand decipher signals from all sources including lighting, entertainment & security controls to be delivered in desired format.

Digilux Controller

Digilux Series of controllers the comprehensive automation range to achieve seamless integration with third party devices using our IR blasler, IR controller, RGB controller & Multimode convertors.

Seamless integration to third party devices, appliances entertainment systems is made possible with our range of infra red blasters and RGB controllers. Regardless of what brands you have at home, these systems will synchronize into their systems like nothing else.

RGB controllers allow users to control and change the intensity of Light fixtures using smart phones of all operating system flavors. RGB Controllers are intricately matched to the fixtures to provide an excellent display of its characteristic color changing features.

  • Over 3 million Colors
  • Predefined color mix
  • SUniversal LED controller
  • High Performance and Advanced Control Technology

Sensor Node

With safety precautions becoming a must have conformity all over the world, efficient and flexible products that orchestrate safety device to better performance are now fast becoming wanted all around the world, Senso Nodes by DigiLux have a unique feature to control all Safety Products including Fire alarms, Smoke Alarm, Intruder alarms and so on under one source, which will act as a centralized contro to raise the Alarm.

Digilux has ensured maximum precision in this system for safty and security.

Digilux Smart App

Forgot to turn off the lights? Now turn off from anywhere with your smart phone or mobile device.
Modem day homes are increasingly deploying technology in various ways. DigiLux series offers remotely controlled mobile applications that can be synched efficiently with lighting & other gadgets. Our mobile applications for Androids & IOS Family provides complete monitoring and control of your Home lighting and appliances from any distant location.

Digilux systems come with the latest in android and iso applications that gives you control over your home even when you are away.