Timed Control

Time can never be controlled, but Controls can be timed.
Our needs in the modern world have become more intelligence, luxury and comfort driven. Every home appliance that we use is expected to be controlled in a timely and intuitive fashion. Digilux Home Intelligence is the solution to these modernity needs of timely controlling the appliances at Homes and Offices. Our Time Control solutions help you synchronize the operations of appliances based on a configured schedule.

Daylight Harvesting

Illumination control with every Sunrise & Sunset.
Digilux lighting solutions are programmed to provide and maintain an unprecedented illumination to Homes and Offices. Intelligent Lux level sensors are configured to input the servers with Daylight intensity so as to coherently control brightness at all times. Our Lighting Solutions are automated to ensure a steady ambience without any manual intervention.

Scenario Control

Let the Moods flow, as the Lights Glow.
Our lives are dominated by emotions of various kinds, each emotion has a color of its own. Creating and Enabling a Scenario that is based on the moods is just what we require during the needy times. Scenarios can be created differentially by changing the light color and illumination to accentuate our moments in celebrations and response to our moods. Digilux Home Intelligence offers a bundle of user defined control options to create scenarios. These preset scenarios help us set the color and light intensity to our needs, Adjust the temperature levels, Play the music of our choice and many more with a single touch.

Mobile Control

From Everywhere to Anywhere, Remotely control your Home
We at Digilux understand the needs of modern day that is constantly pushing them away from homes. We provide remotely controlled Mobile applications that are synched with electrical appliances. Our mobile applications for Androids & IOS Family provides complete monitoring and control of your Home or Office lightings from any corner of the world.