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Crystal Series

Flexible touch function creates the perfect mood light for each of your occasions. Our all-in-one smart touch console gives you complete control over your Lights & Appliances.

  • Works without Gateway
  • Scenario Control & Time Scheduling
  • Supports KNX in Hybrid Model
  • Wi-Fi Mesh technology to reduce IP loads on routers
  • BLE support for 16 channel wireless intrusion sensor integration
  • Built in IR Controller with learner for HVAC & multimedia controls
  • On board memory to store up to 1000 IR commands
  • 4 input channels for mechanical two way/wired sensor
  • Universal Dimming (Leading / Trailing edge)
  • Energy Metering
  • 10A-TV3 rated relay for lighting load, one 16A-TV8 rated relay for AC / Geyser Control
  • Wide operating voltage range (85-440vac)
  • Short Circuit & over voltage Cut off function for load protection with auto diagnosis & notification
  • 6kA surge protection
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